User Training

TNFC Safety Training

New users must enroll in the next available TNFC Safety Training Seminar prior to gaining access to TNFC facilities, including the Wallberg Nanolithography Facility and the Pratt Microfabrication Facility.

Knowing how to work safely with chemicals and cleanroom equipment is an important skill. The TNFC Safety Training Seminar prepares people to work in a cleanroom environment such as those operated by TNFC. The skills and information provided are also useful for people working in other chemical and fabrication labs.

This seminar will cover advanced safety topics for work in semiconductor fabrication cleanrooms, including proper gowning for clean environments, cleanroom design and hazardous material safety training. A safety quiz will be given during the seminar, and handouts will be provided.

Topics that are covered include:

  • Introduction to cleanroom environments
  • Emergency procedures
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Chemical safety and chemical spills, safety showers, safety eyewashes
  • Cleanroom rules and policies

TNFC Equipment Training

New users must be formally trained on each piece of required equipment by a member of the TNFC Technical Staff before operating the equipment independently.

Untrained users may accompany other trained users within their group/project, but independent use of equipment without formal training by TNFC Technical Staff is strictly prohibited.

To schedule formal equipment training for a specific piece of equipment, please contact the appropriate member of the TNFC Technical Staff.