Suss MicroTec MA6/MA4 Mask Aligners

The MA6 and MA4 Mask Aligners use UV light to transfer patterns from photomasks onto substrates coated with photoresist.

  • Exposure Resolution: < 1 ┬Ám
  • Alignment accuracy: Topside – 500nm
  • Exposure modes: Hard contact, soft contact, proximity, flood
  • Spectral range: 365nm – 405nm
  • Substrate accommodation: 1cm2 pieces and wafers up to 4″(MA4) or 6″ (MA6)
  • Uniformity: +- 5% over exposure area
  • CCD camera and monitor for image capture

Photolithography Wetbenches

The Bahen Prototyping Facility and Pratt Microfabrication Facility host three photolithography wetbench stations dedicated to substrate cleaning, photoresist spin coating, curing, development and removal.

  • Provides a class 10 (ISO Class 4) working environment
  • Segregated wetbench stations and resist spinners for positive tone & negative tone resist preparation
  • Multiple hotplates available with manual control
  • Includes DI water, nitrogen gas utilities and all necessary chemical supplies for photoresist preparation