Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro Estrelas100 DRIE System (Si)

The PlasmaPro Estrelas100 DRIE System is hosted by the Pratt Microfabrication Facility. The system is used to etch high aspect-ratio anisotropic etch cavities into silicon-based substrates.

  • Compatibility with Si and SiO2 substrates
  • Substrate accommodation: Small pieces up to 6″ wafers
  • Etch Rate: > 25 µm/min (Bosch), > 5 µm/min (Cryo), > 0.5 µm/min (Mixed)
  • Uniformity: < ± 3% (Bosch), < ± 5% (Cryo), < ± 5% (Mixed)
  • Maximum aspect ratio: 70:1 (Bosch), 30:1 (Cryo), 7:1 (Mixed)
  • Selectivity to PR: > 250:1 (Bosch), > 100:1 (Cryo), > 10:1 (Mixed)
  • High plasma stability, eliminating ‘first wafer effect’

Oxford PlasmaPro 100 Cobra ICP-RIE (Si)

The Oxford PlasmaPro 100 Cobra ICP-RIE System is hosted by the Pratt Microfabrication Facility. This tool is used to perform inductively-coupled plasma (ICP) reactive ion etching on silicon based materials, including SiO2, Si3N4, and isotropic etching on Si.

  • Etch Chemistries: SF6, CHF3, CF4, O2
  • SiO2, SiN, and isotropic Si etching
  • Substrate accommodation:
  • ICP to improve etch rates, profile control, uniformity and selectivity
  • Easy-to use computer interface

TePla Technics 100-E Oxygen Plasma Asher

The Technics 100-E is a Plasma Asher is available for resist stripping and descum processes. The system is hosted by the Wallberg Nanofabrication Facility

  • Maximum substrate size: 100 mm2 sample or 4″ wafer
  • Plasma chemistry: Oxygen only
  • Ultimate Pressure: < 8 x 10-5 Torr

Etching Wetbenches

The Pratt Microfabrication Facility hosts two wet processing stations configured for wet etch processes.

  • Controlled laminar flow provides a safe class 10 (ISO Class 4) working environment
  • Chemistries supported: HF etch, piranha etch, KOH etch, H3PO4 etch, buffered-oxide etch, chrome etch
  • Includes all necessary glass and plastic containers for small samples up to 8″ wafers.
  • Includes DI water, nitrogen gas utilities, protective sashes, controlled exhaust, acid-resistant gloves, face shields and aprons.