TNFC 2016 Annual Newsletter

New Director for TNFC

TNFC is pleased to welcome back Professor Wai Tung Ng as the Director of the Centre as of July 1st, 2016. Professor Ng’s current research work covers a wide spectrum, ranging from smart power integrated circuits and fabrication processes, power management circuit, integrated SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supplies), integrated class D audio power amplifiers, advanced MOS and RF BJT/HBT device designs.

Prof. Ng joined the University of Toronto in 1993 and established the Smart Power Integration & Semiconductor Devices Research Group. He has extensive experience in working with the industry to modify standard CMOS technology for smart PIC and RF applications. Prof. Ng has extensive collaboration experience with industrial sponsors including Fuji Electric, AMD, On Semi, Asahi Kasei EMD, Panasonic, etc. He is also an active researcher in automotive electronics in Canada’s Auto21 Network Center of Excellence program. Prof. Ng has been serving as an associate editor for IEEE Electron Device Letters since 2009.

TNFC would like to thank Prof. Ruda for his commitment to the continued success of the Centre over the past year. Please join us in thanking Prof. Ruda for his work, and in welcoming back Prof. Ng!

Upcoming User Engagement Meeting

** Pizza and refreshments will be served! **

TNFC will be holding a User Engagement Meeting on Wednesday, September 21st from 12:00-1:30pm (room TBD) to discuss TNFC’s capability, reliability, and accessibility updates, and to collect and address user feedback.

This will also be a great opportunity to discuss user feedback. We encourage all users to submit the User Feedback form available on our website (more details below) before the event.

Feedback Form Available

We encourage all users to use our (optionally anonymous) User Feedback online form to communicate suggestions or concerns regarding fab capability, reliability, and accessibility or otherwise regarding TNFC facilities.

The form can be submitted easily from our website ( Your feedback is essential for us to effectively plan future TNFC capability, develop better policies or design efficient process workflows for all users.

Reminder: Publication Acknowledgements

Just a reminder for users to acknowledge TNFC in publications. TNFC is also starting to compile a list of published research supported by TNFC services to display on our website. If you used TNFC facilities for research that is published, please send us the title of your publication!

Updates to User Policy & Fees

Reservation Penalty

Users that have reserved equipment must report any delays/cancellations to TNFC Staff no later than 30 minutes after the start time of their reservation on the Badger Reservation System. Users failing to give notice for equipment reservation delays/cancellations will be charged a penalty fee equal to their total reservation time.

Enabling Penalty

Users that are caught using TNFC equipment without properly enabling the equipment on the Badger Reservation System will be charged a penalty fee equal to at least 4 hours usage time on the equipment, or more, depending on the equipment used.

In addition, we have updated our User Fees reference page to include the current rates for equipment fees, staff fees, supply fees, and user training fees, as well as penalties and discounts available to researchers. (

2016 Nortel Undergraduate Scholarship

Established in 1997 with contributions from Nortel, the Government of Ontario, and the University of Toronto, the Nortel Institute Undergraduate Scholarship has an approximate value of $5000, and is awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student at the University of Toronto.

The recipient of the 2015-16 scholarship is Simran Dhunna, a student of Trinity College, Molecular Genetics.

Equipment Updates

Angstrom Nexdep E-Beam Evaporator

The new Angstrom Engineering NexDep Evaporator was installed and brought online at the end of 2015 in the Bahen Prototyping Facility.


EverbeingEverbeing International donated the EB-6 probe station. Dr. Pk TANG, president of Everbeing (picture below), visited TNFC on February 9th, 2016.

RIE Replacement

RIEThe new Oxford ICP-RIE machine has been delivered to the Pratt Microfabrication Facility! The new etcher has replaced the Trion Phantom Etcher, which was removed on July 20, 2016, after being used for more than a decade! The new ICP-RIE is expected to be operational for Fall 2016.


Zhejiang University Delegation

Zhejiang UniversityOn January 10, 2016, TNFC welcomed a delegation from the Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. The delegation included Vice President & Professor Jianhong Luo, as well as Vice Deans & Professors Zhi Chen and Xiaoming Li from the School of Medicine. A tour of the Bahen Prototyping Facility was given to the delegation.

Nanopolis Suzhou Visit

Nanopolis 1In February, Dr. Edward Xu visited Nanopolis Suzhou to start forming a partnership for sharing process capabilities.


Beyond Frontiers Netherlands

Beyond FrontiersBeyond Frontiers from the Netherlands was excited to experience a tour of Pratt Microfabrication Facility and Wallberg E-Beam Nanolithography Facility on May 6th!

TNFC on CHINano2015

A poster was available at the Canadian Pavillion of CHINano2015, Oct. 2015. In the past year, TNFC has become one of the key players in the Nano Innovation Center – Ontario Jiangsu.