Equipment Available

Suss MicroTec MA6/MA4 Mask Aligners

The MA6 and MA4 Mask Aligners use UV light to transfer patterns from photomasks onto substrates coated with photoresist.

  • Exposure Resolution: < 1 µm
  • Bahen-Mask-AlignerAlignment accuracy: Topside – 500nm
  • Exposure modes: Hard contact, soft contact, proximity, flood
  • Spectral range: 365nm – 405nm
  • Substrate accommodation: 1cm2 pieces and wafers up to 4″(MA4) or 6″ (MA6)
  • Uniformity: +- 5% over exposure area
  • CCD camera and monitor for image capture


Isel Vakuum-UV-Belichtungsgerät 1 UV Exposure Box

The Vakuum-UV-Belichtungsgerät 1 UV exposure box is available for coarse pattern transfer from transparency sheets or other thin mask materials to large photosensitive surfaces and substrates.

  • Pratt-UV-Exposure-BoxUV wavelength: 365nm
  • Exposure area: 360 mm x 230 mm
  • Built in timer: 6-90 s, 1-15 min.
  • Absolute uniformity and identical side illumination of the exposure area
  • Vacuum frame with self-closing and quick ventilation


Photolithography Wetbenches

The Bahen Prototyping Facility and Pratt Microfabrication Facility host three photolithography wetbench stations dedicated to substrate cleaning, photoresist spin coating, curing, development and removal.

  • Bahen-Photolithography-WetbenchesProvides a class 10 (ISO Class 4) working environment
  • Segregated wetbench stations and resist spinners for positive tone & negative tone resist preparation
  • Multiple hotplates available with manual control
  • Includes DI water, nitrogen gas utilities and all necessary chemical supplies for photoresist preparation